Wednesday, March 26, 2014

More from Vegas

The big news from our trip is that baylie lost her first tooth. And even stranger is it got knocked out by a nerf gun playing with the boys. 

The tooth fairy gave her a dollar which she was so excited about til her cousins were telling her what the tooth fairy brings them. What crazy drunk fairies do they have that leave a twenty? 

Cori and Brandon were so awesome cause here there were 9 extra people at her house and her mom was in the hospital with pneumonia and Brandon had youth conference to be in charge of! 

Oh yes! And say a late showing of divergent with these funny girls. Kenzie is growing up going with her crazy aunties. 
That movie is goooood!!!


Lindsey said...

Probably a tooth fairly that forgot to come 2 nights in a row and was out of all other cash:). Cute tooth Picts. Can't believe it was her 1st!

Nancy Jo said...

Baylie looks so cute without a tooth! I used to get a quarter for a tooth : )

RachelAA said...

Where is that place you went?? Looks cool and we're always looking for cool kid places in Vegas.