Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Hot minute

We love the olympics.  can't get enough.  love rooting our favorites.  wish we could watch them all. Sad seeing shawn white not do his best and miss medaling.  highs and lows of the olympics.

Tonite was family home evening (the night is flexible for us).
We went to rita's ice custard happiness or whatever its called.  so yummy.
the lesson part is when we took bets to see how many primary songs we could sing on the way there.  It was 17 and Baylie won.  Betting makes everything more fun.
As we were enjoying our italian ice and vanilla custard in pajamas on a warm california winter night, Baylie says, Family Home Evening is one of the best things of my life.

On the way home we did not sing, we listened to owl city.  family music favorites are owl city, imagine dragons and frozen soundtrack at the moment.

lately been so glad for every single one of my kids.  they are so cute and really the greatest thing we ever did was having each be in our family.   They bring so much joy and happiness (and yelling!) and really remind me why all the work and heartache is so worth it.

In a short bit is my moms birthday and been thinking about how I grew up.  Like was telling Luke how my mom bribed us with paint balling to be in the speech contest at church (why did they have that?) when I was in high school.  I think that was the only time I went paint balling and it was fun and I'm sure my mom whooped my butt at it and can't remember what my speech was on but i did it.  Lindsey too.

We skipped school on Monday and went to visit Lindsey since her kids were out of school and best decision ever.  Worth it to see the cousins.  Went to a bounce place in who knows where off the 15 and then the kids swam in their jacuzzi and jumped in the cold pool.

Darby is working on giving every kid in her class a rainbow loom bracelet as her valentine and her class is big!  she is almost done.

made this yummy and very fattening fettuccine Alfredo and weird kids didn't like it and ate the salad (lemon lettuce) instead.   At least they are true evans for liking lemon lettuce.  great grandma evans would be glad! 


Alvhild Evans said...

Sounds like an awesome day! Love all of the pictures! and Luke's homework bahaha! With Brandon off this week I'm Thinking about playing hooky tomorrow myself ;)

Nancy Jo said...

Your FHE sound a lot more fun than ours : ) You have such a cute family - love the pictures!! Impressive of Darby making all the bracelets!

Courtney said...

Such fun pics! Your floor looks awesome!! Good idea to skip school!miss you guys!

RachelAA said...

Such great memories in the making

English Garden said...

I need to fill my water barrels to! Got a peek at your floor through one of your pics, look awesome!!!