Friday, February 7, 2014

We love Fridays

Rusty helps me wake up the kids in the morning. 

But I think we got a goat instead of a dog. What the what? He ate our BBQ cover! 

It's big news that it rained here this week. 
Kids had fun in it. Rusty tried to eat it. Yes that screen needs to be put back on the door. Five kids... Screen death 

Speaking of eating this was good ice cream. Wow. I used to eat ice cream more we need to get on that. 

Couldn't find paisley after we got home from picking up big kids and she had climbed in my bed. 

I cannot get enough change. So rearranging and it's a messy process. Mostly cause I do it all myself and empty bookshelves are easier to push than full ones. Had a close call thinking I broke our tv but glad i hadn't. 

Girls had fun with a sticker book deciding to stick them on their face instead. 


christy said...

Those are awesome. Great Halloween idea if they sold kits like that, that would stay on your face and allow you to still see.

RachelAA said...

I love, love, love rearranging. And those face stickers are HILARIOUS

Nancy Jo said...

Sorry about ur dog eating things, maybe your clothes next. Love the stickers on the face!

Courtney said...

That is cute that rusty helps wake up the kids! Awesome pics with stickers!