Sunday, February 23, 2014

Happy Birthday MOM

Well, my package is late, and I don't get to hug her, but today is a great day for a birthday.

Love you Mom!  I just picked 58 randomly, I am not verifying whether or not she is that age, as far as I know, she is still 29!

58 things I learned
from My Amazing, WonderfulUnique Mother 

1.     How to have fun
2.     How to ski
3.     How to water ski
4.     How to throw a ball
5.     How to be competitive
6.     How to toilet paper a house
7.     How to shoot a gun…that one I think I’ve forgotten but its in there somewhere!
8.     How to make hot fudge
9.     How to go to church
10.  How to not quit
11.   How to be a good mom
12.  How to make lemon lettuce
13.  How to give a talk and teach a lesson
14.  How to put on makeup
15.  How to make birthdays & holidays important
16.  How to give an exciting speech
17.  How to not be afraid of anything
18.  How chocolate can cure lots of things
19.  How shopping can cure the rest
20.  How you should always dress cute for your size no matter what it is
21.  How to nurse a baby, but that bottle feeding is really awesome too
22.  How to not give your baby cradle cap and how to brush a newborns hair…with a toothbrush
23.  That guitar solos can be annoying
24.  To listen to church music in the morning on Sundays
25.  To make a turkey in a bag
26.  How to get stains out and do laundry
27.  To love the Work and the Glory books
28.  Its important to go to BYU
29.  Always look good at the airport, you’ll never know who you will see
30.  Getting ready and getting out of the house combats baby blues
31.  How to cut to the front of an enormous line of thousands of people at the olympics
32.  Speaking of….how to break the rules
33.  To love your mother in law
34.  To love your family even if they are prickly
35.  How to be make omelets that will confuse the world…
36.  How to make bananas into cereal
37.  That Mr.Bubble in the jacuzzi is more fun
38.  How to flirt
39.  How to live away from home
40.  How to love and appreciate our dad
41.  How to be a supportive wife
42.  To always greet the new people at church
43.  To be a good missionary
44.  That Souplantation is delicious
45.  How to be a dog owner
46.  To get in the water and not sit on the side
47.  To fake it til you make it
48.  To like running and exercise
49.  To do what makes you happy
50.  To get married in the temple
51.  To not put up with people’s crap
52.  To be your child’s advocate
53.  To enjoy musicals and plays
54.  To always sing the hymns
55.  To be on time and early if you can
56.  To have a big ole purse full of lots of stuff
57.  To bribe your kids
58.  How to be beautiful on the inside and out!

Love your oldest daughter, XOXO
Brooke and the rest of the pack 
(Luke, Darby, Baylie, Paisley, Ivy & Jason)


Nancy Jo said...

That was the best present ever! Thanks! Love you!!!!

Lindsey said...

I dido all that!! Great list Brooke!!

Courtney said...

It's funny how many on your list and my list were the same! We're so lucky!

jana said...

Cradle Cap? really! What is the secret?