Monday, February 24, 2014

another one for mom

okay, so the rest of you can just skip this one, but this post is for me cause I want it in the book
(mental note:  print 2012 and 2013)

we all did lists this year and my sisters was great and i wanted to include it

(mental chant: do not compare myself to my sisters, do not compare myself to my sisters, do not…)

cause lindseys was really great and all true too and I don't want to forget them.

(another thing mental chant: do not compare myself to my mom, do not compare myself to mom….)

cause DANG!! I got a good one.  Just the kind of mom I want to be, but never feel like I do it as good.  she set the bar high (your welcome girls for lowering it for you!) but makes me think, WOW, What an influence a virtuous woman has!  She affects generations and generations.

(ps, didn't read my other siblings but sure they were great too)

and on another note (and cause I love to prolong things) my mom continued her long standing tradition of skiing in Utah for a birthday…and got hit by a snowboarder on the last day, last run of the day.

so yes, she will be having her 3rd knee surgery!!! and back in rehab.  very discouraging, but if anyone can do it, she can!

okay, so here's lindseys and sorry i didn't' ask first.

58 things I have learned from my mother.

1. The Church of Jesus-Christ of Latter Day Saints is true.
2. Magnifying your calling brings blessings—8 years of seminary teaching without getting sick once!
3. I am loved.
4. Women can do anything. You really can do everything!!!
5. Contention is of the Devil!
6. Kill them with Kindness. You were always friends with the grumpy secretaries at school.
7. You can negotiate anything!
8. Forget yourself and go to work.
9. Finish what I start—I wouldn’t have made it through nursing school without your encouragement!
10. Visiting Teaching is important. I always remember you doing it every month!
11. I have learned how to make someone feel special. No one is better than this than you!
12. Clean my room. I can’t count how many times you had to tell me this!
13. Forgive and Forget.
14. Sunday dinners are important. It is also important to have a roast, rolls, potatoes and carrots, and lemon lettuce on those good Sundays.
15. Feed the missionaries.
16. Always accept a calling.
17. My mother is proud of me.
18. Being active in the church is important.
19. Make your own happiness! IE. Sports car, traveling, skiing, tennis.
20. Never give up. I will never forget running next to you when I was in high school with your foot dragging.
21. Listen to my children.
22. Sympathize with others.
23. Frostys and French fries are yummy.
24. Convertibles are a blast!
25. You love all your children and grandchildren.
26. Sacrifice for the church—how long have you been with YSA?
27. Have confidence in Interviews.
28. I can do anything.
29. Help my daughters when they have babies. Do all the work, so they can lie around and hold them and heal.
30. Serve others—meals on wheels is just one of the many things.
31. Don’t fight with my sisters.
32. Patience.
33. How to take care of a house, car, and husband.
34. How to crochet pearls on baby socks and make hot pads.
35. Birthdays should be fun.
36. Gifts mean so much.
37. Hustle in soccer.
38. How to make candy. Toffee and caramel.
39. How to cook and do laundry
40. You love Dad.
41. How to love unconditionally
42. How to sacrifice for my family and children.
43. It is important to read to kids.
44. How to sing to my kids at night. You are my Sunshine,. Give said the little stream.
45.  How to play with my kids and take care of a newborn
46. Be prepared. You always are prepared for everything.
47. Play cards. One of my best memories was of you teaching me card games when I was hit by a car in the hospital.
48.  Wait up for your children when they come home at curfew.
49. The beach and the lake are the best vacations.
50.  Be a good neighbor. Bring them cookies when they move in and bring meals to new babies or people with cancer.
51. The Magic of Christmas and birthdays.
52. How to frost a beautiful cake.
53. Read my scriptures (I will never forget you reading scriptures as you get ready in the bathroom and reading to us at breakfast.)
54. How to play farkle, racquetball, rummacub, pool, ski. It is fun to play games.
55. Being married in the temple is crucial.
56. How to be grateful for gifts.
57. How to send great packages and write great notes.
58. Get rid of the honey do list.


Nancy Jo said...

I heard this was your idea. Sooo nice! Priceless! You make me sound a whole lot better than I am : 0
Love you!!

Brooke McCoy said...

lindsey lies of course it was her idea!

Courtney said...

Amen! Mom's the bomb!