Monday, February 24, 2014

Life stuff

saw this ad in my entertainment weekly they got it just right!!!

get your butt to the temple.  My friend just told me she hadn't gone cause she has been in a weird space to which I thought, get in line.  Wierd head space is the cool thing now.  life is messy and most of ours don't fit in a pretty box like we wished it would.  I have had some not great moments at the temple when i'm really boggled down and not wanted to go myself and had to take a break too sometimes.  take your break, make it a quick one and then go.  we are all our our own journeys to the temple experience is changing and feels brand new...i love it.  changes everything yet keeps it the exact same.  go find some missionaries to teach you...they are wonderful.

off my soap box now.

sometimes i like instagram, pinterest, facebook, sometimes I do not.

Here is something I liked on there, from some washington folks I haven't seen since college

Lindsey is the closest too me at an hour a way (with no traffic) which is close but not close enough to my liking.  but whenever i make the effort to see her and her family i'm so glad.
last week we drove 2 hours (bad traffic) on a school nite to see her kids in the talent show and they did great! we loved it.  Luke had to stay home cause he is finishing up his webelos for cub scouts.

darby made us these signs all around the house and I loved them so much and I loved her spelling.  

baylie made a sign too that I loved of the temple

I cut jason's hair with scissors my best time ever!!!  so proud of myself.  thanks for all the tips mindee and watching my mom cut hair all those times.


ivy with lipstick

Darby loves this new book (shhhh she doesn't know i ripped out a page that I didn't like)

Holy crap this is our life right now.  Just can't finish…doing it yourself takes so long and that last 10 percent is the worst!

speaking of, i'm riding in style again after having to retrieve my cover twice in the middle of the roads last week….wow, never knew how many times I'd have to do that in my adult like…5?

becky being a good sport with our little girls.  grateful for my friends who teach the activity days classes for 8-11 girls at church, first amber, now becky.

darby selfie


christy said...

People here zip tie their hubcaps on. I have alloy wheels so don't have to worry about that right now. I need to get my butt to the temple. It's like a three hour drive. No fun. Needs to be an overnighter.

Lindsey said...

Love your blog. Love you!

Nancy Jo said...

Ditto Lindsey's comment!

Courtney said...

Those are such fun pictures. I loved all the anniversary signs! So cute! I even got teary! Also, that is so fun that you guys went to their talent show! Wish we could have been there! Good luck with the projects! It will that much more beautiful when they are done! Way to go!