Sunday, January 5, 2014

The unspeakable

There is no one else id rather be trapped in an infested house with than these folks. 

Holy laundry. Oh my goodness.

Yes the unmentionable cooties has hit... Hard . And I think originated by me from who knows where. Will never know and oh well.

I figure it only hits your house once and my girls hair might never be down again.

But ya know what there are worse things and I have passed through worse things and so this shall pass ... With much disinfecting. No school, no agenda ..timing is good as it gets.

So far I've washed with special shampoo three times! And we have nightly movie watching fine combing parties. 

What I have learned is the prescription one works the best but we only had one of those and pharmacy ran out and will get more on Monday.  Have spent over $200 on sprays shampoos and gels. Still more to come via amazon so that's more money.  Plus dousing with melaleuca oil on scalp in between washes on everyone. And stripped everything and washing nightly whatever we slept on. And the car and the car seats. And every pillow and blanket and every single piece of clothing in the house and stuffed animal. I have normally thought my house was smallish but wow we have lots of stuff. So hooray hooray 2014 brings unexpected decluttering and deep cleaning. 

But other than that having a great staycation. 

These pictures were taken on New Year's Eve, New Years and fun days before I realized what funk we had. The pic of paisley on me she says she is my shoulder angel. :) shout out to studio c.

 After a combing party 
And paisley being a lion in her new towel from grandpa. 

 The habit on New Years when I refused to cook.

Be gone heebie geebies and sorry I just gave you some hearing about ours :)


Alvhild Evans said...

YIKES!! So sorry you have to deal with that!

Beth said...

So sorry guys! We are here if ya need anything.

Mindy said...

Ah those cooties are no fun! My sister got them like 3 times on her mission in Guatemala... and again when she went back to visit for Christmas. But yes, there are remedies and this too shall pass. I've just gotta say, that I really appreciate your blog. That may sound strange, but when I read your blog, I feel normal. Like everyone else has ups and downs like me. Seriously takes courage to be one of those blogs who portrays life as it really is, rather than as we want others to think it is. Anyway. Love you guys!!

Sara Jane said...

Girl, so sorry. Did you try just coating hair with mayo and wrapping in saran wrap? My SIL swears by it because they always get it when they go to Mexico. She said she coats the hair, wraps in saran wrap and starts cleaning like a mad lady--they can live for 24 hours on any surface they've been on:(.
I think you have to leave it wrapped for at least 2-3 hours.

English Garden said...

We had them just before we moved from CA and man they were beast!!! shampoo and combed like crazy, if you can throw things in the dryer, high heat will kill the little beggars too! I think I finally got rid of them when I wrapped all the stuffed animals in trash bags and left them in the basement for 2 weeks. Good luck, they only live in clean hair right?:)

Than and Erica said...

Dude I should be sleeping but im catching up in your blog and it just makes me laugh. I love it.