Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Pictures only a mother could love

So after three special shampoos each (four for me!) and four fine tooth combed brushings each, and spraying everything fabric and washing and washing and washing every article of clothing ... I think we are lice free. I love those combs they are amazing. Hot tips would be that prescription shampoos work much better and use a white bowl to dip comb in water after each small section of hair because the bugs show up better. Oh yes and we have watched a lot of movies cause fine tooth combing is not quick. And fortunately learned pets can't get lice from people and people can't get pet lice. Are you grossed out yet?

But boy have I loved not being in school. A three week break has been awesome and I've slept til 7:30 the last two days I think I'm going to go into shock when we go back to our regular schedule. 

So today we went out of the house and on a hike where we wouldn't be around people. 

But first the kids bought lobster bisque glasses at the dollar tree for dad for christmas! Exactly the same! 

The more special shampoos I gave the smarter and better I got at them til they even liked it. This is my new waterproof life case. 

Oh yes and cooking has been minimal and chip eating been extensive and here is me busting Baylie climbing on the car to get some. 

Paisley also makes good lobster bisque. 

And in an effort to be more like Tina here are my five posing... And really wouldn't the world be a better place if we were all more like Tina and had gorgeous family pictures... One of the many things I'm jealous about her (cough cough valiant Viking... Amber too.. Come on kids just one freaking time please! Someone! Anyone!)

Sure do love these guys. We are buds and love these special moments when no one is fighting or making a mess or tricking me. 

Those girls sure got an excellent big sister. She puts me to shame (Linds brand and court sorry again) 

This is paisley doing my favorite face. No serious it was her I'm really mad at me face that I decided that I loved to try and reverse psychology her. Only in ten years I'm going to find out they were the ones reverse psychologing me. Today was the day I wondered if I'm screwing them up for the hundredth time...only time will tell! 

Only moms and grandmas and nanas think pictures of their kids walking are cute. 

Then in the afternoon we had unexpected fun at the McDonald's in a not great neighborhood when we were getting our car looked at (thanks Matt!) and found the greatest play place ever! Kids had a blast even Luke and ivy were climbing over all over that contaminated place ... Who am I kidding? We were probably the most contaminated ones! But hopefully no more! 


Nancy Jo said...

Oh I love all your cute kids! Love all the pictures! I think it was funny that the really good picture of all of your kids smiling, had only the dogs behind in it : ) You are awesome!

Phillips Family said...

Ha! Thanks for the shout out! You're too kind. You wanna know what I am jealous of? those lobster Bisque glasses!!! Those are awesome. Love Studio C!

Courtney said...

So jealous of the hike pics! That looked awesome! Wish we had some place like that here! Not so jealous of the lice part but I'm sure we will have our turn with it! Wish our kids could play together!