Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Goodbye 2013

Oh boy lots has happened. 

We got a dog. His name is Rusty. The kids are in heaven and even Jason is okay with him which is so unusual. Rusty is fulfilling one of my longtime dreams to have my kids grow up with a dog to love. 

Jason had a birthday (this is chronological not in order of importance). It was a little odd since it was on a Sunday and kids were on a crazy kick. But we got to go to the temple the day before and attended with a group speaking mandarin which was a change.
We ended the night playing settlers of Catan.  And of course there was Oreo smasho! 

 But since this is the last day if the 2013 thought I'd go out with a bang. 2013. Don't really want to see you ever again even though there was some great highs in there. Better luck next year! 

Ran into my old young women/ babysitter when Luke was a baby at the store here... Who lives in Australia now and just happened to be visiting the states!

Rusty. He is a 10 month old sheltie who we got from the mercers if you know who that is. I had been bummed out and getting a dog was something I just grabbed onto . But then dogs are very expensive and there are a lot of ugly ones. So right before Christmas I gave up and said we will just wait until one lands in our lap. 

Then on a last minute trip to kohls at 6:30 I ran into Shirley who I haven't seen in forever and she told me about this dog. 

Well while they were trying to prep us for what a dog would be like he fits in great and is much easier than a two year old. 

We got him late on Christmas Eve and didnt get much sleep but on Christmas morning he surprised the kids and its one of those Christmas surprises that only happens once. We literally had to wake up the kids after Baylie was awake cause we were so worried rusty would wake up or bark. So grateful it worked out though and since we can't travel for a while (Jason has no time off and I'm burnt out of solo trips). Plus rusty will be much better for my kids than a new Xbox or whatever. And yes he is an inside dog as much as we can. 

We all visited Jason's work and played on the ping pong table and fuseball table in the break area. Good looking place that Disney interactive which is not surprising. 

We have gone to the park twice with him. 

One of Luke's old coaches had a big one day only scrimmage for 3 hours and Luke loved it. Great boys and hot day... It was at least 80 degrees on December 28! 

Sorry Baylie couldn't find your letters. 

And now for the real treat. While I wish I could show you my uncles tumor which is pretty much my favorite picture of 2013 and am now determined that I must have a tumor too to account for my middle I doubt he would want me to put it on here and I do show some restraint. 

But if you are still reading this you deserve a reward. One of my favorite things is hearing awful stories that cannot be made up. I like good stories too but the bad ones are pretty great. 

Well lets just say there was a week where ivy found a new habit. 

And this is not peanut butter.

And it was the second time she did it that day. 

I'm still scarred from that one. Your welcome 15 year old Ivy. :) 

Truly I think 2013 wanted to toughen us up and it did. 


Mindy said...

2013 toughened us up. Ain't THAT the truth! Lame. I hate being toughened up... but we survived!

Lindsey said...

I can't wait to see your dog!! He is so pretty! Thanks for posting--except those last few picts!! :)) Love you. Here's to 2014!!

Courtney said...

So fun to hear what is going on!! Ivys pics are discusting! Seriously, so gross! Wish we could come play with your dog!

Mommy said...

Dear Ivy, your mother is a freakin' saint. When you are 15 and in need of a good talking to, please email me. I promise I won't change my email address ever just because of this!!!