Monday, December 23, 2013

Ya had to be there

So I cheated.  I knew my mom had sent us the game telestrations for christmas because we drew names and she had me (ya I scored with that one, sorry sisters).  so i opened it before christmas (which I rationalized that we would play it with some birthday girls who were at my house but the birthday girls vetoed games...for my birthday we are playing it!)....anyway, since I unwrapped it we should use it right?

well, we have played it the last three nights and laughed our guts out.  Baylie is especially awesome with her spelling and drawing.  I love family game night. and ya for telestrations. 

so basically how it works is one person rights a word on the card, the other person has to draw it, then the next guess, than someone draws there guess, etc, etc.   like pictionary and telephone game combined but each person has a notebook so you are always passing them along. 

This one was our favorite. 

(this says killing machine!)


Alvhild Evans said...

That's hilarious!

Beth said...

oh my gosh i need to buy this game!!! it is so fun!