Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Merry the heck out of your Christmas

Once upon a time there was a mother who just wanted a family photo.  Just one.  Could we not have one where everyone was looking and smiling?  Our awesome friends took said picture of us as their Christmas present and we were so grateful.  But alas, what should we wear?  And still in shock from fluctuating income, can we put a semi matching outfits together with just the clothes already in our closets?  And then bribe them all to cooperate?

Apparently not.  There is always the boy. 

Good thing perfect is totally boring. 

But we do what we can and as much as I had the best of intentions of recipricating all the amazing cards I have gotten this year, this will have to do.  So close your eyes and pretend you just pulled it from your mailbox because its so fun to get mail and you opened and thought, Wow I love those McCoys.  Right?  ;) 
Boy what a year it has been.  Feel a little knocked around and bruised a bit but dang it we survived.  And learned more what we were made of.  I'm apparently made of sweets and coke zero and a few curse words.  2013 made us choose what is most important in our life which is always family and God.  Over and over again. 

Now what is everyone else made of? 

Ivy, 2 1/2 is pure destruction with super cuteness dabbled in...but mostly destruction. 

Paisley, 4, purple and boots and preschool.  She pretty much has the cutest voice ever. 

Baylie, 6 1/2,  is made up an obstinence I have never known...errr...I mean a determined character, yes scratch the first.  And fashion.  Loads of fashion.  She also has some awesome video game skills. 

Darby, 8 1/2,  is made of pencils and paper and books.  And girl legos.  Darby also got baptized this year which was one of the most darling moments to witness her excitement.  

Luke, nearly 11,  is made up of football and then watching football and then talking about football ...and books and legos too. He thinks his sisters are mostly adorable and I think he is pretty adorable too.

Jason is made of mouse ears...who knew?  He also has a hefty amount of fix it in him. 

This is how we really are, but if you can imagine it at full volume and that pretty much how we live, full volume.  All the time.  Oh man its loud.  Half of it is me yelling. 

Thank you Christmas for all your reminders of what really is important in life.  Thank you baby Jesus for being born in those humble circumstances on a silent night.  Thank you Mary for being such a strong woman of God and righteous mother.  Thank you Joseph for caring for them in the stable and loving them always.  We hope we were among the angels in heaven who sang praises when He was born. Truly He has given us everything and while we are very far from perfect we know He can make up the difference. 

We love you, for you are our family and friends. You know where to find the party. 


Nancy Jo said...

This is my favorite Christmas card!

Tanya said...

I love those McCoys!!! :)

Sara Jane said...

Merry Christmas Brooke! Love the picture.

Mindy said...

I totally feel the same frustration about family photos. And we don't even have any little kids in our family yet. Apparently it can only get worse! Ah ha ha! Love you guys!

Amber said...

Greatest post! And I Totally love your pictures.