Friday, December 20, 2013

Dear Santa love Darby

Darby handed me this yesterday.  Luke has also been trying to change his list too and I have told them Santa has probably finished their toys now so no Christmas Eve switches.  But I thought this letter was pretty darling and decorated and so polite.

Here it goes.

Dear Santa,

What I really want for Christmas is a mini iPad and any kind of lego Friends set ever made!  If I already have one of those sets, I'll give it to one of my sisters.  Now these things you don't have to get :  an electric scooter, a computer, iphone, a teddy bear, a few stuffed animal cats, some elgo city sets, a microphone (oh and if you put the oranges in my stocking, can you put two?) a sketch pad, new colored pencils, a polly pocket car, some music, a servant costume (size medium), a hat, silly socks, normal socks, all kinds of socks, all kinds of books, pez, and thats all.  Please bring me at least my two favorites and thank you if you get all. 

From, Darby

(insert drawings of presents and christmas trees along the border)


Alvhild Evans said...

So cute! Love it! :)

Beth said... it. haha servant costume.

Laurie Nguyen said...

I especially LOVE the servant costume request. You should definitely get her one of those and put her to work!

Amber said...

Is the Servant costume so that she can dress up her sisters and make them work? Or does she want to wear it? TOO FUNNY!