Sunday, December 1, 2013

Turkey lurky

We went we partied we came home. Played lots of games, laughed a lot and glad these people are my family. 

Enjoyed my sister in laws so much . Yes I shopped on Thursday and got stuck in a 2 hour old navy line. It was family bonding :) then Amberli and I went to target like at midnight and it was so fun. When do you get to do that? 

Kids love playing with their cousins and Jason played football and basketball with his brothers so he is happy. Came back bigger than I was before but that's how thanksgiving in is done yo!

Saw frozen, shout out to the osmonds, it was great and we listened to the soundtrack the whole way home that Jason got from work. 

Finally went to a bass pro shop and wow . We didn't even bring Luke and the girls had a blast shooting everything and I only lost ivy for like 2 minutes.

Here are my phone pictures.

Oh yes and Jason has been growing a beard. His first isn't that cute? 

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