Wednesday, November 27, 2013

I love my boring life

KMy life has been too boring to blog about.  So sorry. 

And we may or may not be leaving for Thanksgiving tomorrow at 5 a.m., but my mother's voice is in my head saying that if I say that on the internet creepy people will hunt my house down and rob me blind.  Rob me of all my valuables.  All those hand me downs and thrift store items that I am very very thankful for.  Really that is my whole house full but we love it. 

Love my little boring life.  Love my children and Jason got home early which is always a yay and we fed the missionaries and then had arm wrestling matches. 

The kids have said all kinds of funny and witty stuff that I can no longer remember which is I should blog more regularly cause of this forgetful memory but oh well. 

Very grateful for the different mental state we are in this Thanksgiving.  Very grateful for all the kindness shown to us.  Very grateful to be apart of a great family. 

Today I ditched all chores and went to the zoo with Paisley and Ivy.  Cause I had a mild panic that they are not getting the same childhood as their older siblings which they are not and its impossible to recreate and there are good parts of theirs and good parts of the older ones.  There was something in the air at the zoo though cause those animals were wild. 

Hugs to you all my friends and family who I won't see.  And thankful for Christ who has given us everything and loves us more than I even love my own.  I'm grateful for the power of the Atonement to heal and the enabling power to help me every day. I'm grateful for prayer and for the whisperings of the spirit that tell me what The Lord wants me to do as well as remember (and find) important and minor details and needs of my life. Truly a mother needs personal revelation! I'm grateful for the dedication of the missionaries around the world and in our area. I'm grateful for the prophet President Monson and the voice of Lord who is still speaking to His children. Life can be a lonely fearful road but I know that with Him we can do amazing things and be comforted in the storms that rage against us. I'm grateful for my eternal family and think I picked out the very best ones! Love you my husband and children and always choose the right! 

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