Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Exploding head

Always at Christmas time I have to retell my head not to explode.

Cause there is just so much goodness and conversely, stress to be had.

Which is I try to follow my own made up right this second holiday rules.

1.  One thing at a time, focus, focus

2.  Simple is always better, chill out, happy mom makes happy home

3.  Don't compare, don't compare, don't compare

4.  Enjoy it, slow down, who cares if the laundry doesn't get done somethings got to give

5.  Tell head not to explode

These are very hard for me.  Like a choice I have to make over and over and then I blow it at sometime and then have to remember again.  

Five kids, and keeping track of all their Christmas lists, plus family and friends and food and traditions, decorating, school stuff and making memories....are not allowed to be thought of all at once. Holy moly, the fun and memory maker part of the mom role can sometimes be daunting.

Because of the non head exploding goal I haven't even thought about Christmas cards, might send them, might not, time will tell but no expectations.

But the real kicker for me is my desire to give to others like we have been given to.  Last Christmas was like dong dong ditch heaven.  Oh my goodness.  We got the 12 days of Christmas which we loved and so much love and kindness shown to us.  And my sister was freaking Santa every time she came to visit she brought so much, food, gifts, money, she really took care of us.  One night we got a ding dong ditched a bag of clementines that said, 'Cuties for your cuties' with $100.  Really if I told you at all you might hate us or just think that God was extra worried about us for sending so many angels.  Still don't know who did and part of that will drive me nuts and want to know when I get to heaven.  But part of me loves that it was anonymous because how can you thank people for lifting your spirits and the most memorable Christmas we ever had.  I can't.  And because I don't know who it all is then it could be anybody (although I have some guesses)...and so I am nicer because it could be them.

And then on Christmas morning we had presents on my door for all the kids.  We were finally that family and the kids loved them and so special to us and even though I refused for our family to be on the angel tree at church (I am not totally without pride sometimes).  The Christmas we were the 'getters' was the most special one and taught us so much.

Which brings me to this Christmas...we can never pay forward enough.  So I am not going to try to all at once.  Have my whole life to try to and refusing to be daunted by tears that I can never give back enough or help enough people as we were helped.  Cause I think that defeats the point and not the point of Christ either.  Just little by little.

Wow, this is not what I intended to write this morning, but has been on my mind so there you have it.

What I was thinking about was how I went to Best Buy yesterday for the first time in 10 years and how much I hate that place.  I asked like 3 people for help and there was all lame. Dude seriously so stupid, I won't go back for another 10 years.  Was buying my 3rd square register...oh my goodness I can't keep track of that thing.

And since I'm divulging can I tell you one more thing?  This year I have done something I have never done before in my life.  In 27 days I will have read the Book of Mormon every single day this year.  Did not miss once.  I am pretty proud of that and sure changed me.  So thank you Jennifer Bledsoe for telling me you did that 2 or 3 years ago and planting the idea in Jason's head who did it the following year (which I at the time thought, I don't need to I read it enough, not 100 percent but good enough....I'm a slow learner) which he only missed 2 days and then this year, 2013 we both have a perfect record.  We have been reading more as a family too because of the ward goal and let me tell you it feels good.  We can't enough of the spirit in our house to combat my naturally disagreeable temperament!

So here is no exploding heads, I think I have to say this every year.  Whatever we end up doing will be perrrrfect.

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Courtney said...

I loved this post. This is a very busy time of year and it can be rather stressful. It is so important to focus on the true meaning of Christmas...I think helping others truly is important! And way to go for reading the BOM! That is awesome!