Saturday, November 23, 2013

 We got a visit from Nana and Grandpa this week!  It was short but so glad they came.  Only wished we would have gotten all together with Lindseys family but hard with school and schedules. 

And they spoiled us!  It worked out great that we had a minimum day and no school on Friday so we did a bunch.  Chuck e Cheese, the movies and Souplantation. 

Then they all had to pose behind the new lego movie display...can you tell who is who?

 Yes and am maybe wishing this one wasn't a close up :)

I think about a lot what it would be like if we lived closer to grandparents and cousins, like going to games and school programs and stuff.  But we don't and it is what it is.  But there are some really great stuff too that wouldn't happen if we did like pileup in the bed or waking Nana and Grandpa up or donut runs from Grandpa for breakfast.  I was counting five families I know whose mom has already passed away so I think of them every time I want to have a pity party about the long distance.  We were glad to have them for whatever we could. 

 And we went bowling and the kids loved loved it.  Luke wasn't happy at first to getting promoted to the non bumper lane, but then he made two strikes and got over it ;)

My sisters 3 month old was in the hospital this week with pneumonia so we have been praying for her.  Thankfully she is doing better.  Glad I was raised by such good parents who always loved me no matter what.  Thinking of Jason's parents too and missing them, even though we are so proud of them serving their mission in Argentina.  They are on the last leg and its been really neat to hear about their experience there. Yay for families and yay that one day we can all live by each other in heaven with them since we are not now!  This life is just a moment of eternity and glad we are sealed to them. 


Lindsey said...

Cute Pictures!

Mindy said...

Wow! Luke sounds like a champion bowler! DANG!