Monday, November 11, 2013

I have five minutes

Sorry about the neglect little bloggity blog.  didn't know what to write.  so many thoughts swirling in this disorganized head, but not enough time to flush them out or document them.   So instead we get the five minute version.

Things that won't leave my head...

How horrified I am when I volunteer at the kids school...on Halloween I was asking some 2nd and 3rd graders what their favorite movie was and these two darling girls said the R rated movie, Ted.  Another said twilight and Scream.  Then they were all talking about the show walking dead.  Really?  Really?  Ted is too foul for me to watch.  Sometimes I want to smack some parents.  A 7 year old girl and 17 year old boy should not have the same favorite movie.

Second Soapbox....swearing at school. Dang, shoot it is terrible!  (that was supposed to be funny) Can nothing be done?  How do the kids have a chance when the parents swear up a storm?  Watch out or I might turn into the nerdy petition lady :)  Luke has been staying in his class at recess to get away from it.  Love his teacher for providing that safe space for him. Is there anyway to create a no-swearing campaign that is popular at school?

Football is over for now.  They had a stellar last game after a lack luster season.  Which makes me think, yes its better to win the last game of your worst season than win the last game of your number one season.  At least this year proved he still loves football no matter what and you can still have fun (but winning is definitely more fun).

Homemade Christmas party or not homemade christmas party?  When and where?  Haven't crafted or sewed in sooo long, but feeling the need to create something. The days of December have already been claimed so much, not sure where to squeeze it and then worry about if I've given guests enough time to get their craft on.  I'm more leaning towards just doing what I want and letting the chips fall where their may (I sure do love a good cliche). Which will probably mean squishing in my house again. If you would like to come to hypothetical party that might never happen cause I'm cool like that, please tell me. 

The kids have been playing together like a dream.  Those are pinch me so good moments...and then I usually get the I don't want to clean my room or eat whatever you made moments but I'm so grateful for the sibling love ones...they will have each other for the rest of their lives and need those strong bonds.

Speaking of which my parents are coming to visit very soon and there is a count down on here.  They will be at our house 3 days and we are so excited.  Baylie tells me how many days are left when she wakes up.  I have told my mom that I've turned into the kid you can't tell about the birthday party til moments before because I have been calling her for weeks to try and squeeze as many memories and fun into three days, but really the backyard will probably be just as fine.  We miss our families.  Bad. 

Luke told me he is the funniest person I know.  Which reminded me of my dad telling me how funny he is all growing up.  Luke's foot if now a good centimeter bigger than mine.  Whoah, it has begun.

Thor 2 was so awesome.  Loved it.  Still need to see Enders Game.  Finished Allegiant, which means if you have too we should talk.

I have one diaper in the house and piles of laundry and cleaning and organizing to do, but really just want to go visit the cousins today for veterans day. Will see which wins.


Jenn said...

Yes to homemade Christmas party! We can squeeze at my house if you want. I hear you on the swearing at school. I was testing a kindergartener on rhyming words--- what rhymes with truck?? Yup, he didn't even have to think about it.

Adam and Lisa said...

Yes on the party, woohoo!!! And, yikes, a kindergartener really said that???