Monday, November 4, 2013

ding dong halloween is done

halloween was funny this year, but the time it was halloween nite i think we were all burnt out with church party, school party and class parties.  sooooooooo much candy.

but here are the pics.  like usual jason and i decided to dress up about 30 second before the church trunk or treat.  jason was hunch back of Notre dame...i was a witch/ghoul/whatever was in the bin.  need to refresh my bin of costumes.  didn't dress up on halloween, which is the first time in my whole life, kinda a sad thing to break, but it was nice not to have to take a shower that nite (cause i don't dress up without some sort of halloween crazy makeup, remember pinkalicious?) anyway, it was nice and low key.  just walking around with just us was so nice and seemed so storybook perfect though.  ivy was too scared to trick or treat and luke has probably hit his last year, but it was very nice the whole thing.  went to the fancy neighborhood again and then just right on our street to our cute neighbors.

halloween triumph...only costume i bought was darbys cat one for $8.  that is a success.  everything else was oldies.  this is our car at trunk or treat with whatever crap i had in my house.

passing out candy was a huge hit this year too for the few ones we got when we got back home.

ps.  christie dressed up as paisley

ivy could care less and wore 3 different outfits over the course of the week ;)  it worked.  

I am still amazed that i have children who don't have brown eyes.  crazy that genetics.


Nancy Jo said...

I love all the costumes! Your girls are beautiful and Luke's outfit and makeup is awesome! Love Jason's imitation of the hunchback - priceless!

Lindsey said...

Love all the up close pictures!! They are gorgeous! Love the awesome family shot!! you guys are awesome.

Alvhild Evans said...

So fun!! I bet its crazy with all that candy now!! Love all the costumes :)

Beth said...

Great shots!!!! I love your cute family.

Mindy said...

Such a great family photo!!

Courtney said...

Such fun pics!

Erin said...

I'm dying about the pics with Jason holding Ivy. She's looking at him with such concern. She's not sure what to think of him. Sooooo funny!!