Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Mom Update aka Bragfest

Luke on the Falcons, he says he picked #13 for me :)

He also told me he has been going out for recess and playing illegal tag. Illegal cause they aren't allowed to touch each other even if they are walking, so they have to not let the yard duties catch them.  That sounds about right.  But he told me he asked some boys at school to stop taking the Lord's name in vain and they said yes, but then started doing it anyway.  Hey, maybe I have a grassroots starter in my house! Either way I was proud and only got that little nugget of info out of him after playing catch with him for 30 minutes and happened to ask the right question....seems like how that always is, only way you can learn stuff is by hanging out (much to the chagrin of my dishes, laundry and dinner making).  But so grateful for our neighbors who he gets to play with afterschool that share our values in their own church.

The girls in their Alabama gear from Nana.  Love when they wear these shirts.

Paisley has been taking dance from my friend Lisa.  They had a recital and it was pretty much the cutest thing I've ever seen in my life.  Our whole family was dying.
And Paisley did awesome!!!  Maybe it helps that purple is her favorite color?  

Baylie woke up early, got dressed, set the table and had shoes and hair brushed before 6:30 a.m. this morning.  All so she could buy minecraft on the ipad with her own money for $7. This is amazing for Baylie who really, really struggles sometimes in the morning.
Baylie has been given a great brain and her interests are similar to Luke's.
 Jason always says Baylie's is Luke's little brother.  

Darby, while a big reader too, if you give her some paper and her own space she is in heaven.  In an hour you will have a book or original comic.  She could never have enough paper and pens and markers.  But she still loves legofriends and has a great arm on her and can catch a running pass.
But I love when her and Luke play the piano, as reluctant as they are to practice sometime it is so fun to hear. 

Paisley loves a good game.  Spot it, Whack a mole cards, uno.  She also loves to do her homework from preschool (oh boy how do I love that age when they love homework!).  her and Ivy are my buds during the day and she still takes a nap quite a bit actually, usually crashing on the couch sucking her thumb.  She loves to cook with me is an awesome egg cracker.

Ivy is flirting with potty training but neither of us are that into it.
She has a freaking hilarious "Ann' impression from Studio C. 
But dang that girl has been the best one to transition out of a crib.  
Never gets out, even in the beginning and yes you can all hate me.
She is very strong willed, oh help me please she is strong willed just like the rest of them but maybe with even an added bit of McCoy in her.  She prefers her dad, which I love, and think is from his being home so much last year. 

Jason is doing well and says for everyone to check out his two main things he is doing right now at and princesses!  The man knows a lot about both, perfect for the job! Lots of fun stuff on their for the girls so check it out. 

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Mindy said...

I LOOOOOVE little kid recitals! Let me know next time Lisa has one. I TOTALLY wanna come!