Thursday, November 21, 2013


We moved a lot growing up.  Because of this I only had friends for a year or two and maybe also this I learned to make friends easily...or maybe because my god-given and inherited gift of gab.  Because of this I dont have that 'I knew since kindergarten type people'.  And then I found I am not very great at keeping in touch. Not that I don't want to.

Then Jason and I got married and we have moved 6 times and 4 cities...(okay so 3 are in LA area) but its been slowing down.  We have lived here 4 1/2 years which in another year and a half will be the longest I've ever lived anyone ever.

Well last night I had a paparazzi party at an friends house in Studio City combined with essential oils (I swear that post is coming!) and it was like a dream reconnection.  Not too many came but the ones who did it was like so much fun to reconnect.  And I love to reconnect.  First of all the house we went to was worth the drive oh my goodness!!!! Such creativity and character.  Truly talented woman with such a gift of warmth.  (I was at the Walkers).

Anyway, the minutes are passing and I'm worried my kids will wake up soon so I have to wrap this up.

It was such a great night to see the same people that I admired and loved were still people I admired and loved.  That is my favorite.  And even one of my old young women is 25 and crap we would totally hang if she was closer, especially with her mom who freaking doesn't age!

I know there are people who struggle with people but I'm sure glad I love people.  And the largeness of the number of people I like does not take away from the sincerity...not when they are all the good kind, ya know hearty, wise, funny, loyal, honest folks.  And the ones who are nice to me.  I hope all the people I have lost contact with forgive me one day which is basically everyone I went to high school with.  There are a few I'd hire a private detective for.  But what a fun surprise to talk to such a great group of women who knew me before I became a mother and in my first few years.  Who gave me advice and brought me dinner, held my babies, told me which books to read or can handmake a book!  So much different, but really we are all the same (that should be on a hallmark card).  Although seriously think some double dipped in the talents department!  sheesh!

My parents just got here yesterday and are only here for 3 days only.  Its raining which is seriously so weird cause that never happens.  But we sure love pretending like its normal to have them here and be in our life for a bit.

And if you live in Dothan, Alabama, go to Sarah's Paparazzi party TONITE! at 6:30 p.m ...and schedule your own and see what all the fuss is about.


Sara Jane said...

How fun your parents are in town!
I think we can pick up where we left off with our friends even though we don't remain in constant contact. That's the beauty of good friendships, but I am like you as well. When I do reconnect I always wonder why I don't make more of an effort to stay connected. Too bad "life" gets in the way sometimes, but yay for being able to pick up where things left off.

Beth said...

Aw, love so many of those people you reconnected with! Hope you're having fun w/ your parents!!