Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Scenes from the day

Today is Christie's bday.  She got mauled. luke and darby and i played catch while baylie danced to music on ipad while paisley wore huge silver heels and ivy wandered around pushin her cart. We have to wear shoes outside cause of the weather... Shoes!!! 

Oh yes and Darby spent the rest of the making a dictionary for her new secret language so she of she says her favorite color is Africa that means yellow. Or if she wants Luke looks like an and that means pumkin. She has a chart so you can decipher what she is saying. She was only up to the As as of tonite and there was at least 30. She boggles me in wonderful way because she has also started a girls only comic club where you have to write comics everyday and hers is on a vampire princess and she loves for you to read it. 

Last nite we had a very rowdy family home evening that reminded me of my childhood when we were laughing so hard nobody could say the prayer... Those the best ones. We played a game from my favorite book where you hide something and play hot and cold but chanting treasure! So if you were far we would whisper treasure softly. But when they were close we would be screaming treasure treasure treasure! It was a hit. And for the lesson we just went around to everyone and asked if they had something to share or recite and article of faith. It was cute.

I listened to the forget me not talk again and pretty much need to do that at least once a month for the rest of my life so I will remember cause its so important. It's what I think of when I get up in the nite with my kids... A good sacrifice vs a foolish sacrifice. And not being perfect and knowing my tiny steps are okay and about not waiting for our golden tickets to be happy and remembering the Why of the gospel.

I have also decided a high high ponytail is the cutest hairdo. And it's cold and I love it. 

Finally checked this off my bucket list. Great book and took me a long time to finish.



Nancy Jo said...

Love the high pony tails! Funny Ivy in sink. Glad you finished book. Are those your fancy silver heels? I am impressed with Darby & her language - I can barely get English down and here she is making up her own! Great pictures!

brandon said...

love that book I absolutely bawled I think paisley will be such a fun adult

Lindsey said...

So cute high pony tail! Love the cold and I'll have to read that book.Darby is so creative! Such a fun fhe!!

Sara Jane said...

Looks like you have been having fun. How is Baylie feeling? Any better?