Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Titles are lame

We have been unlucky with pumpkins this year. Having the chuck uncarved ones way before Halloween. 

Took all of us on Baylie dr appt. 
I dared Luke to wear his warrior helmet and he did. Paisley was being a gymnast on the chair. Poor Baylie was mostly moaning. 

Got this cute pic from my mom in Utah. 

And this one from Courtney with her family in Houston at the byu game. 

I need to chuck these volcanos but can't bring myself to do it. Keep thinking ill let the kids do them one more time but never happens. Life of music leader. Had kids put little bit of baking soda throughout and then had them explode at end. Ah the things we do to entertain. 

Any one local want a free crib? We are purging the garage.


Lindsey said...

I heard all the pumpkins ripened early this year:(. Ours collapsed too. I love that Luke wore that to the dr! Paisley has some skills on the chair! Hope B feels better!!

Adam and Lisa said...

Oh man, my kids were going on and on about that cool volcano!