Monday, October 21, 2013

Great debates

Sometimes I wonder what other families talk about. Because Luke and I were talking for yet another time on whether the NFL will switch playing games on Sunday if a player is good enough (and said player Luke's envisions to be himself)... I told him I don't think they will and maybe he should try and just own a team to have more control over Sundays. So the debate still goes on playing in NFL or owning a team. 

Darby is currently writing a book called "meet trixy" and works on it in every (EVERY) spare moment of the day. I heard her telling Baylie that's just who she is "I read, write and draw". ...which then led Baylie to speculate who she is... But the thing that Darby and I have been discussing is if Trixy is nice to her five year old sister Katie and maybe could she be nicer which she tells me only happens in one chapter and then I say well maybe it shouldn't happen in the first  chapter because when people are "meeting Trixy" they don't want to get the wrong idea about her. Darby also asked if she could count her own book on her reading log which I agreed she could and she also read us the first five chapters of her book for family home evening and it was quite entertaining.

Baylie and I have been debating what exactly is sick about her (doctor ruled out her ears today but found ulcers in her mouth, ouch!) and why her fever won't go away and what I can do to alleviate her pain which is sadly not much.  We are getting close to a week and we have also been debating on what she is willing to eat and yes she can watch, play on the iPad and wii in the meantime. 

Paisley and Ivy have been debating on whether they still need naps (which you can guess my opinion) or how much tv or what shoes they should wear or who gets to stand on which stools when helping me cook or butter toast. And yes paisley you need to wear socks with your boots to put off the foot stench that oft times boots make ;)  

Ivy and I have been debating on whether her hair needs to be brushed and what exactly to do with it. No outcome so far. Snarls in hair is the curse of me.  

All in a regular day. :)

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