Thursday, October 17, 2013

Funny pictures

Homework, meals, crafts. This table does a lot. We have it maxed out though time to hunt for a bigger one on Craigslist.

The salad dressing one happened tonite :) Darby's quote "I did not think that would happen" ... The rest of the full bottle was in her lap. It was Greek. 

Our newspaper covered lawn is from a brilliant idea on Pinterest that suggested smothering garden weeds with wet newspaper. Well I did it but didn't have the mulch they suggested to weigh it down. Next morning my lawn is a mess withe dried newspapers that had blown away. Jason wasn't amused but I was and kids have been burying themselves in it like leaves :)

Ps. My sister in law spotted me in the Walmart commercial on her vacation in Puerto Rico . I think that deems me super famous . :) also figured out this is the third time you could have spotted me on tv this year. Funny Los Angeles life. All of Luke's fifth grade class has spotted me too :) my mom says I look like a teapot . 


Nancy Jo said...

I thought when you have your elbow sticking out like that it is called the teapot pose : ) I didn't say you look like a teapot.

Sara Jane said...

So much for the pour control spout :).

Courtney said...

That dressing looks gross!

embot said...

catching up on your latest posts! SO AWESOME. makes me miss you.

Let's hang out soon!!