Thursday, October 10, 2013

Fun times in S. D.

San Diego zoo. Check. 

Kids loved sky tram so we rode it twice (it made me nervous especially since luke and darby had to ride without me every time and planes were flying eye level) and tour tram was great cause dang that place has hills. 

Getting lost. Check check. But bless those smart phones! Only way to navigate in a city I've never been but you also can't rely on them exclusively cause there is room for error. 

Figured it out and just rolled with it. Even survived fevers (little ivy) and a bit of rain. Check

No sleep in hotel. Just like camping. Check

Swimming, fast food, and movies. Check

Surprise meeting up with friends, check. 

Mormon battalion. Check (and so awesome)

Next time I'm going to sea world . 

Thanks San Diego it's been fun it's nice to meet you again after all these years... 

Thanks Jason! We miss you! 

Just chipping off that comfort zone little by little. The world is our oyster ;)


Alvhild Evans said...

looks like so much fun! You are brave going out by yourself with 5 children!! My hero!! :)

Beth said...

Fun!!! Love that zoo so much, and I bet the rain chased away a lot of people and you had the place to yourself. So cool! We wanna go to Sea World next time, too. Never been to the CA one.

Tanya said...

So stinking brave!!!!!