Tuesday, October 8, 2013

High adventure

I'm typing this from a hotel in San Diego . I'm trying to see if I'm the dumbest lady or the coolest. Late last nite Jason ( blaming him if I mention one of my crazy ideas he pushes me to do it) decided I would drive down to take advantage of zoo here letting kids in for free . Since I have a lot of kids and its a fancy zoo that's a big steal.  And I had zero plans for fall break. Wish me luck.

On other news conference was amazing I need hear it all again. My brain is quite forgetful. We went to lindseys after lukes football game and dad listened to priesthood session at home how strange. good to see cousins and played a pick up game over soccer where i kicked two children in face with the ball and one got a bloody nose (luke) so apparently i need practice. sunday went to Cooke ranch and made a ruckus of myself there too scaring them riding a quad. Dads get to take all kids on rides, mom gets one turn... But that was sure a fun two minutes. 

Quite tickled that some of you saw me on tv how fun. Doesn't happen everyday.  

Also gonna try and go to Mormon battalion in old town before we head back so wish me luck. Already had one meltdown when a certain child was reluctant to come on my crazy adventure... But I picked him up a book from the library on the way out so he is good. 

We have already swam and watched a movie and are gonna get real cozy in two queen beds. 

Rest of pictures are from pumpkin patch.  My dang garden fooled me and took up half the space with pumpkin plants for three months and didn't grow a single pumpkin. Oh well win some ya lose some 


Beth said...

I think that is a great idea!!! I love they do free zoo in Oct. Stay til Thursday. We might come down for Legoland. :)

Nancy Jo said...

I love all the pictures - especially the one with you and the chicken : ) You are one brave mom! Hope it goes well! Your trip sounds so much fun!