Sunday, September 1, 2013

Paisley Jo

Paisley turned 4 today.  She has been very excited for her birthday and loved every minute.  I think she ate only candy or stuff with sugar.  tried to get  her to eat something else but she wasn't having it.  you only get one birthday a year right?

Paisley knows what you wants and isn't afraid to tell you.  She loves her siblings and has her own built in side kick Scruffy.

Paisley loves finding the letter P, the color purple and anything Tangled.
She is a whiz at the ipad and is always right beside me when I cook (and loves to crack eggs)

People tell me "Paisley looks just like your mom or Paisley is all McCoy" and what I think is that Paisley is just Paisley.  I am so glad to have her.  She is pretty dang awesome (and is the real boss of the family, with Ivy as her second in command).

Love the tradition this year of looking at old pictures of them on their birthday.  Ahhh, I miss those cute faces!

This was Paisley's first time at In and Out, she was real excited. 

Paisley had no food requests for her birthday which was awesome and just wanted a purple cake. 
When i asked her what she wanted to do she just wanted to see her cousins and Addy. 

Her birthday was on a Sunday so we went to church in her new Paisley dress and had her friends over for dinner.  She was so happy.

Darby was real cutie and bought Paisley a birthday present with her own money, her own Legos like Darbys that she has wished she had.  And then Baylie got her a present too, gum which is already gone.  A huge roll of bubble tape, gone before 5 p.m. 

Paisley posing with her new birthday outfit. 

Sadie brought her press on nails and helped apply them and do her hair.  Wow.  Thats all I can say, Wow

And Fancy pajamas for bed!  Thank you everyone for making her birthday great.  Can't wait to see what Paisley will do this year!


Lindsey said...

Soo fun!! Thanks for having us!!

Lindsey said...

Paisley is so darling!!

Alvhild Evans said...

Aww! Love the one with her looking at her nails. She is so cute and sweet! We miss her!! <3

Nancy Jo said...

Thanks for sharing Paisley's birthday - almost like being there! Paisley is adorable! She looks so cute! Looks like she had a terrific birthday!