Thursday, August 29, 2013

Jason and his brothers

Saw Garlan posted this on facebook about an article talking about types of basketball players

Just wanted to copy it here so my kids can 'get' the McCoy comraderie. 

Garlan McCoy Haha, this is great. Let's break it down: Brian McCoy is obviously the "old guy", especially after he makes that free throw line shot, and the "dad with a kid guy" b/c we were always tagging along at Pac West. Spencer McCoy is the "lose lose guy" b/c he always gets stuck guarding the girl, and the "accessories guy" b/c he takes more time getting ready for games than time actually playing. Jason McCoy is for sure the "foul guy" b/c you breathe on him wrong and he calls a foul, and the "coach player guy" b/c he always get mad at you for being in the wrong spot or not cutting soon enough. Brandon McCoy is the "never makes a shot except he banks in the game winner" b/c.... well, he never makes anything but the one shot he does hit he'll never let you hear the end of it, and the "excuses guy" b/c it's always a tight hamstring or sore ear that he's dealing with. Darek McCoy is the "looks can be deceiving guy" b/c you think he brings more to the table than he actually does, and he's the "imaginary dunker guy" b/c he could never quite get there but always tried. Me? I'm obviously the "shoulda made the league guy"

Here was Dareks too.  

Darek McCoy Haha. I have to agree with every one. I'm adding you and J to the tall guy who only shoots 3s category. Get your butts down low and play with the big boys!  

If I ever see Jason chuckling while looking at his phone, its usual from McCoy boy antics!  Although Erin, Shar and Marschell can throw down with the rest of us while us sister in laws are hunched in a corner not as comfortable ripping on each other!

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