Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Normal McCoy antics

Kids do weird stuff.oh wait is it just my kids? So of course I had to document when Luke and Darby traded clothes.

Or when Luke refused to get out of the garbage can saying it smelled like peaches. Maybe rotten peaches. 

Or how the girls think their new bed is a jungle gym. At least the fall is soft.

Or when Luke batted a bird down and then everyone petted it and it died. I think it was on his way out anyway. 

Capes at the beach. Never too old to be five years old again.


Mindy said...

Dude! There's ALWAYS something fun happening at your house! I'm jealous!

Courtney said...

Those were great! I loved the switched clothes ones!

Nancy Jo said...

My back hurt seeing Darby's feet touch her head! Love the jumping on the bed. Looks like there is always exciting times at your house!

Alvhild Evans said...

Haha so fun!