Thursday, September 5, 2013

Hold on tight

Wow this week. Non stop. Life is a wild ride. Paisley called dibs on the Labor Day weekend birthday which is quite nice. 

Here is the round up.. It all started with back to school nite. 

Some of Luke's art. 

Strange self portrait? 

Darby self portrait with her beloved bedroom desk. 

Made fried rice. Reminds me of my mom.  She has a gift for not including veggies in things and her fried rice has bacon. I was feeling crazy and added peas. 

Paisleys bday breakfast. Chocolate chip pancakes with whip cream and awesome sauce (also is my favorite) 

Birthday morning 

After church it wears a birthday girl out. 

With cousins and friends watching a poke me in the eye painful Barbie movie mermaidia. 

Spoiled at preschool . 


Nancy Jo said...

Love all the pictures! Crazy Luke's drawing. Love all the birthday pictures! Looks like Paisley had a terrific birthday. Who was with you at the beach?

RachelAA said...

Ok, what's the magic "sauce"???

Mindy said...

The magic sauce is just straight 100% non-diluted awesome. That's the only ingredient. Brooke's just learned how to harvest it. :-)

Courtney said...

So fun! I love their drawings! Looks like paisley had a fun bday!