Tuesday, September 17, 2013

I get the bigger ice cream

So like every week there are ups and downs and sometimes downs and downs and tiny little ups. But I'm a big fan in taking charge of our happiness... Which meant using up some cold stone gift certificates with the biggest most chocolately ice cream I could get. Luke was not happy mine was bigger but life's not fair and I was the one who cleaned up the poop in two rooms, on the door and various toys. My kids pointed out my ice cream looked liked the poop I had just cleaned up. I didn't care. 

Little did I know that I would find a cooler with pee in it under baylies bed that she was calling her knew toilet...paisley was a fan of it too. 

Darby was the big cheese at school. 

Tuesday and Thursday morning it's just me and the two year old whose knew favorite line is "told you mom!"

But I made myself the greatest lunch ever a BLT with salt and vinegar chips which ivy ate half of but I'm calling this day a good one even though its early.

Paisley has a tooth got bonked, bled and then decided to change color.  She doesn't like it but then her nana sent us a picture at the same age with same tooth that decided not to be white! And I think they favor a bit! Perfect solution while we wait for her to lose her baby teeth cause everyone wants to be like nana and grandma. 

Maybe I can console my grand kids when they poke themselves in the eye or get bit by a dog... Here's hoping my wounds provide the salve of comfort for my posterity ;) or just gave me good funny stories. 


brandon said...

new toilet is gross

Lindsey said...

haha I love the pictures at the bottom!! That is awesome Nana and Pailsey are twins! The cooler toilet would make me cry for sure! Just thinking about that and the poop clean up makes me feel like I need to go to cold stone too! xo

English Garden said...

Brooke, you rock, I am so glad that out lives crossed paths so we can be friends!

Nancy Jo said...

Priceless picture of Luke and you with Cold Stone! Sick toilet and poop stories. The picture of me looks like I could be a pioneer - sooo old! Love the stylish hairdo too. Good thing Paisley is sooo much cuter!!!

Anne said...

My 5-year-old has the same discolored tooth (same side even!) except he's missing the one next to it, it broke into 5 pieces when he smashed them (at age 3) and had to have it extracted...fun, fun, fun.