Monday, September 23, 2013

Belated blogger...

This is just how Baylie dresses on a regular old Saturday . And then she shoveled rocks with her dad in it. 

So lets talk in the past tense a bit pretty please.

So Saturday I went to this big craft party basically. Hundreds of mormon women , each making crafts and watching demos to make cute things plus eating cuter things. Fall spectacular I think it was called and it was great. I made a nativity and a giant star for Christmas. My friends did Halloween decorations. It was huge and awesome and Pinterest would have been jealous....or inspired it.

Oh dang this picture is from Thursday. 
Went to paisleys preschool field trip to California pizza kitchen. Very cute . 
Paisley got to make her own pizza. 

Ok ok ill give you what you have even waiting for. The 411 on being famous. I'm a famous woman! Early Saturday morning I was in a walmart commercial ! Don't know when it airs yet but keep your eyes peeled. I was wearing orange. 

Fun sitting in the makeup chair while she did touch ups. Had to repaint the nails I had sloppily just done at 11 pm the nite before. 

I refused to be intimated by the lights and crew. Especially since it seemed earily familiar to what I pep talked Darby and Baylie into doing at Jason's work. Thankfully I didn't have to sing a solo but I did have to speak in front a room full of people staring at me with a mic on and act like it was no big deal. Who knew my primary calling would have prepared me for that!

I only found out the details of the shoot the day before and it wouldn't have worked if I hadn't of blocked out that chunk of time for the relief society thing already so just meant I started the day earlier and prettier ;) and yes I had some cute paparazzi on too! 

But I can home to Jason holding down the fort and working on the project I started to rip out all the front plants and just grass the whole hill. You know you are an adult when relocating your plants and yard plans are big news that you discuss with your neighbors. 

This weekend was a whirl wind like usual but I really good one. Luke played football against his old coaches who we love and I know he really wanted to beat them but they didn't and he played great. It was cute to hear the other coaches tell to their team, whatever you do stay on Luke! That's right. 

Sunday, which was yesterday if you are following still... Was our primary program . Good news I only forgot the words to one son and the kids were great. All the kids spoke in the microphone and sang great. Lots of hard work paid off. Baylie was an old pro . Darby and Luke has small talks to do and they did great and paisley refused to do hers even though it was memorized. Then at the very end April told her she would give her a lollipop to do it and she squeezed it in at the end. Luke played a duet accompaniment with miss karen to this cute family singing families can be together forever. 

Darby's friends from school hailey and Morgan did their parts great and their family came to watch. The bishop gave great remarks and I choked up when the kids sang a child's prayer. Four kids in the primary program is pretty fun. And another one done as music leader , I'm sure a few more to go. 

The best part of watching the kids speak at church was seeing their parents faces as they spoke. Very tender and the church is true especially out of the mouth of babes. God is real, Christ is the head of it and its great to be Mormon. The end. 


Nancy Jo said...

Baylie is styling it and I can't believe she is shoveling in her church clothes (I won't show this to Dave - he would have a heart attack) Cute cupcakes & loved hearing more about your Walmart gig. You look fabulous!

Heather said...

Can't wait to see your commercial. How cool s that! I can't believe you've leafy had your Primary Program. Luckily ours isn't until November because we're still working on all the songs.

Heather said...
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Beth said...

You're the best chorister ever!

Sara Jane said...

That is awesome you were in a WM commercial!! We need more details!

Lindsey said...

Love the post! It's all good! Love the end. Wish I would have went to your primary program. So cool that their friends from school were in it and their family came to watch. Amazing!