Saturday, September 7, 2013


I had so much fun seeing this movie last nite.  i don't get to see movies as often as I would like but this was great.  don't listen the reviews, critics are all wrong.  wasn't the exact same as book but similar enough that I really enjoyed it.  we had a good group of ladies from my ward to Laurie's awesome facebook campaign ;)  

and it was a 10 p.m. movie in Encino at this small random indie theatre. 
i was happy all day knowing that i was going to do something fun that night.
it has very limited release but if it is near you go see this light hearted quirky movie.  


Adam Tait said...
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Beth said...

It was so fun! I didn't read the book but probably should have. I loved the movie bc me and my NYC girlfriends would watch the BBC version over and over, even had our favorite parts and would fast forward to them(hello Darcy diving in the pond!!). I need to bust out my dvds now. :)

embot said...

yay!! The end is so great! glad you guys had fun!

Nancy Jo said...

Wish it would come by us!