Sunday, August 4, 2013

End of week pictures

I'm starting to really mourn that summer is ending soon. When does a ten year old get to cuddle with an almost four year old and two year old in the middle of the day on the couch? Summer. And love the light nites and eating outside . 

The last picture is my dinner last nite where I finally ordered well ! Quinoa with spinach artichokes sundries tomatoes and pesto and Parmesan cheese and avocado. Wow. Total chick food but so yummy that I didn't have to make myself and so great to get some time with Jason. It was an odd date nite but we will take it. We got to the temple too late and they had changed the schedule recently so much of it was spent driving and then we came home at 9 cause we had run out of things to do (and I still had to get ready for singing time tomorrow) and kids were all up and wired. Finished it off watching Sherlock Holmes on bbc... Who I think looks a lot like Jason! Same guy who played khan on new Star Trek. 

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Beth said...

Yum. Where did you order that from? Looks so good