Friday, August 2, 2013

Dang my kids are rude

Today (or was it yesterday?) Luke got a glimpse of my belly and was thoroughly horrified.  We all had a good laugh about it.  Then he was talking about it later, about my mutated outtie belly button (I have a herniated belly button, thanks a lot children! I can even remember when it happened kid, when you ran away from me at the zoo and I had to haul butt to catch you 18 month old Luke.  Pregnant woman shouldn't run!).  Oh crap, guess my bikini days are over...wait, I never wore bikinis.

Anyway, next funny thing (these are all very uncomplimentary too me but I was laughing so hard it must be recorded).  Baylie says, whats that on your face, a wart?  as she points to next to my nose (thanks alot Dad which I inherited weird face stuff from!)... I said in in mock offensiveness. 'no it is not is a beauty ball!"  She wasn't buying.  What about that one on your chin?  Well that was a mini beauty ball.  If only you were all so lucky.

Darby asked me at bedtime (seriously dude kids, all in the same night?  Good thing your mom has a healthy dose of self esteem!)...whats that on your arm?  "A mole"  I answered...which we totally burst out laughing cause she was only envisioning the animal mole kind...maybe I should name it then?  Whats a mole like name?  I think I have a herd :)

Went into Luke's bed last and he wanted to know what we were laughing about and told him about the moles and beauty balls and he says, "Mom, I had a bunch of beauty balls on my knee once! Remember that?"  Yes, yes I do son.  I was the one who took you to the doctor to get rid of them.  

Then at dinner (we are going back in time) Baylie was disgusted by perfectly good dinner (no peek chicken, come on!  its a favorite! except to Darby who doesn't like rice!) and I said, "Wow kids I can't wait til you are moms and you get to be insulted every nite about your dinner!"  which then Baylie says that she is going to ask each of their kids their favorite food every nite and make a dinner for each of them.  Five dinners a nite!  Can't wait to come and see that.

While our kids were not eating their dinners, I was just looking at their cute selves and Jason (so nice to eat dinner together!) and seeing how much we look alike.  Like we have a McCoy look.  Like a Brooke and Jason and all their kids look.  And it is cute.  And so I said wow how fun we all look alike and Darby says, "No we don't! Your nose is way fatter than mine!"  Ouch Darby.  That one hurt ;)

Lucky for you I'm going to pass along beauty balls, moles, grotesque belly hernias and my fat nose to you one day. 

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