Thursday, August 8, 2013

What has made me smile

I have a new Neice!!! Gracie was born today and we are praying that she gets out of the nicu soon! Wish i could be there in texas. And it warms my heart that she is wearing makeup :) Courtney is always gorgeous. She is one tough mama. 

The crib was put away. By a surprise turn of events out neighbors gave us there bunk beds for free. End of an era. That crib was $200 and lasted ten years and five babies. 

Visited Tanya! She is gold and catch up with other friends too! 

Darby's 3D art for paisley. 
Scotch tapes to the wall. 

Oh Pinterest so funny as always with your healthy eating bashing. 

Went to the natural history museum with Linds. More pics to come . 

I got the best package this week from my BFF from high school heather. Sent me some clothes she was gonna donate all the way from NY. So cool and miss that girl. And we happen to both be 5ft curvies. 

Luke on a float with his friend Braden. 

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