Sunday, July 21, 2013

The beach

Somehow I have only gone to the beach with Jason this utterly strange. But I like it. Jason was super excited for the huge waves at Zuma today. 

And we got to go with the Thompsons! Some of the greatest people on earth! We love old friends. 

Claire and I have been on many adventure. *sigh* 

The kids were being super funny today. Baylie prided herself on not getting one grain of sand on her body. So she was a bit bored. 
But Luke boogie boarded the big waves too and Darby is happy as a lark collecting rocks or covered in sand or in the water. Ivy and paisley were grry happy and covered in sand never stopping unless they had sand up to their necks and we loved playing with Kate and Sara! 

It was overcast but not cold and I saw dolphins :) we even overlapped with the taits too so it was a win win. 

Oh yes and Luke buried Darby standing up. :)

Note to self. Try not to look homeless next time. 

The people next to us built this thing. Cool but odd. Two grown men who were very serious about it and I was more worried the kids would smash it. 

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Nancy Jo said...

Loved all the beach pictures!!