Sunday, July 28, 2013

Drove myself to Utah

IT's 7:40 pm and I'm typing this from my phone and I need to go to bed . Got home at 4:30 pm from a week trip to Utah. Conquered my fear and drove myself and Christie came too which helped my comfort zone and she is a pleasure.  Spent the week in bountiful with my very cute so sweet grandpa who made me countless sandwiches during college for ski trips that we took together and always made me feel welcome away from home. And since I missed his 90th birthday and hasn't seen him since he was 89 I thought i would take the lead and hurry and see him before he turns 91. 

Plus it felt much more like summer and I'm sure my kids will be writing about their trip to Utah in their back to school journals in a few weeks.

I am definitely lacking sleep but it was worth it. 

This week I got to see four sister in laws, three brother in laws, tons of cousins and all their cute children, awesome aunts and uncles, my cute grandpa, byu, fireworks, probably like 9 temples while we were driving and the beautiful mountains. Aunt pam and uncle ben took the kids ice blocking with christie while i was home with paiskey. Oh yes and I think I ate ten creamies, the best ice cream on a stick. 

Paisley been sick slowed us down a bit but we pushed through and enjoyed our first Pioneer Day there. Very appreciative of those early mormon pioneers and can learn a lot about my own willingness and commitment to The Lord by learning about them and their journey. 

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