Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Found Baylie!

Yep!  she wasn't in the other one!  Crap good thing I didn't frame it!  It may not surprise you that I left her at church two weeks ago.  I thought she was in the back seat (she is short, 6 % on the height charts) and even looked for at the house but just thought she was playing in her room.  Nope she was still at church.  Fortunately Jason was there and had a meeting so someone found him and he brought her home.  I was pretty sad about that one though! and I was like Darby, why didn't you tell me she wasn't beside you! because they always sit in the back together. 

Bound to happen I guess, lets just hope thats the last time. 

I included these other two to show you how handsome Luke looked.  YA KNOW WITH THAT BIG FROWN!!!!  He got quite a lecture from me for these ones!  I was like jumping up behind Jason like a wild women which is why everyone else was smiling so big which means he had to have tried really really hard not to smile, cause i'm funny :) 

But the boy did say a very nice prayer at the end in front of a whole room full of people at the pulpit in the microphone.  And my kids and Lindseys kids sang a beautiful song that was my favorite part.  And thanks to Beth for speaking and for everyone else who helped put it together.  
I got to say a few words at the end about Darby and that girl wasn't even listening to first thing I said was to get her attention.  and then she was making the sign of a book to me and so I said, "someone just reminded me that I am supposed to tell you about how Darby read the whole Book of Mormon."  She was very proud and didn't not want that part left out.  

The biggest thing I'll remember about Darby's baptism was the pure joy she had.
She was bouncing up in down right before so happy and I just told her we were going to Disneyland.  Seriously the grandparents spoiled them and took them to Toys R Us and she was more excited at her baptism than even that.  It was darling!

For all of you that missed it, we have three more you can come to :) 

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RachelAA said...

These pictures are beautiful. I loved your little, "mother's message" it was perfect And I was blown away by Luke's prayer. I leaned over to Traci and mentioned the responsibility on that boys' shoulders with four younger sisters. He's a stud - he was sent here to be awesome :) You're all pretty awesome.