Thursday, June 20, 2013

Belated pictures

These are pictures that I didn't post but got a kick out of. 
there is a whole lot of bed head in this picture.
Darby got a chair from her Nana and Grandpa for her birthday.
It was a hit. and went perfect with the desk we gave her (repainted an old one)

There is nothing worse for a kid than when it is not your birthday! 
See how sad she is?  good thing she is not the last. 
Paisley in September, my birthday outlier.  She has already said she wants a purple cake because 'Purple my favorite color" (she says this alot)
Then the kid birthdays will be done til March. 

 just never put in Darby's 8th birthday picture

is this a great picture of what?  my garden is much bigger now. 

and then this kooky picture. here is one part of the duo that we love.
seriously the kids think they are their cousins. love that. 
and matching is cool

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