Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Fotos Galore

Ivy the 2 year old.  And the only child left who needs a swim vest!

Birthday presents from Nana and Grandpa

Cake.  She wasn't really down with the fire on the candle.  

Darby loves her desk from her birthday and is usually found there.  And she has been duct taping boxes and cereal boxes into her own creations. 

I like this picture of Paisley.  climbing is in the DNA

Father's Day t shirts!

One of my favorite pictures of Jason and Darby ever!

oh son, why do you have to be the lone goon in the picture?  seriously kid! 
is it like your badge of duty for being the only boy with us? 

The Dodger game was sooo fun.  We love baseball games and its an Evans tradition.
We have been Cubs, Padres and Braves fans too. 

Everyone find Luke.  Really?  the other one he is pulling a different face.  Look at all those pretty smiling girls and then a frown.  

We baptize by immersion in our church.  Darby said the water was warm.

this is like my favorite picture ever.  first cause i didn't get a picture of me with tanya and so here she squeezed in it to show she was there.  and then the pile of crap on the side yard.  and that i'm by my skinniest friends ever and did happen to console myself these past months with food.  it worked :) 

The Yochims!

Ah these little girls were being so funny together.  Very cute and had a blast.


Jenn said...

Love all the photos!! Was bailey at the baptism? I was trying to spy her! ;)

Mindy said...

Cute, cute! Thanks for dinner btw! We're huge fans of your family. :-)

Nancy Jo said...

Love all the pictures! Funny comments about Luke. I noticed Baylie was missing too in baptism family picture!?! Miss you!!

brandon said...

Miss your kids paisley so cute darby beautiful and so happy for Jason you need to update on work details when you hear them I feel invested and want to hear about it