Thursday, April 25, 2013

Lets get this man a job!

At least half the day or more Jason spends on the job search. Last week he was going in to a friends company to use one of their editing bays while they had one open. He has also helped out with he Spanish translation for another friends company advertising spots.

The other half he fixes things, does service or spends time being an awesome dad. (Right now he is at the temple... I'm home with a goopy eyed toddler)

The kids love getting picked up from school by him. We get to eat dinner together something we always wished we could for years.

Yesterday he built shelves in Luke's room for an odd spot in his closet that wasn't being used.

Oh yes and he killed a gopher by trap and took nasty pictures with it. Gives me the heebie Jeebies.


Lindsey said...

shelves look awesome!! Nasty gopher picts. His tongue is a little too close! ha ha!! love your recent posts. xo

RachelAA said...

What a good guy! I can imagine the amazing things you guys will say in 20, 30, 40 years about this time in your lives!

Mindy said...

Dude! I love your picture of Jason with the dead animal. Kevin has caught 3 squirrels now and done various scout projects with them (survival skills). Must be part of the unemployment package. Ha ha ha! Keep your chin up, we're with ya!