Wednesday, April 24, 2013



I am sucked into a book.  Divergent.
Stayed up way too late last nite.
Made big fat cookies today that we ate for breakfast.
Also finally motivated Baylie to not throw a fit in the morning.
Going without fresh baked big huge cookies for a whole day while everyone else
is enjoying them is a good motivator.
Ivy has a nasty cold.
Jason is at a meeting with the unemployment office of California.
7 month mark is looming which I've learned can easily turn into 9 or 12
we are ok.
The unknown is not cool though.
Are you getting sick of me talking about this?
I try to not let it occupy my mind by its always there.
Even if this has turned into the best school year ever.
Summer is looming as well.
Wow how did we get here already?  its just around the corner
I told Jason I would move to China.
Don't know if I really have the guts for it and no job offer
but what I mean is that I am open to whatever life has in store
In the beginning I had my mentally cemented my feet to where we are,
wanting the answers to be here, maybe they still will be, who knows

watched the movie Austraila while folding a bunch of laundry.
The girls have discovered shirley temple movies.  They are wholesome and great,
but also racist...such was the era I guess.

dude I'm trying to keep my bloggity blog all light and fun but my head always
drifts to the serious.  how can it not with masacres like Boston become more and more rampant.

my babies need me, have to go.
love the room redos..the are so good, need to do the other two rooms next. 
everyone needs a safe refuge. 

doesnt this picture make you happy?


Steve and Connie said...

Not tired of hearing about it. Careful what you ask for, you might just end up in mexico!

Wish we were around to help more. He will get a job. The Lord will provide. Took Steve 6+ months after one company dragged him out - multiple interviews, etc. It sucks.

You are an inspiration and you're not alone.

RachelAA said...

Never tired of hearing it - it's life, your life and the lives of many others right now. We all learn and grow as we view your journey on your blog. And seriously, I can't believe how soon su,,er will be here.

Beth said...

Ditto on the Shirley Temple comment. Audrey got three for Christmas from my mom if you wanna borrow. But yeah - times have sure changed. !!!

Nancy Jo said...

That picture does make me happy!

Sara Jane said...

That is one happy picture of Miss Baylie. She is adorable. You are doing great--can't believe the time that has gone by. Things will work out.

Mindy said...

Girl, I SO know how you feel.