Thursday, April 25, 2013

What a day!!!!

Nursed a sick ivy.

Got a super cheap desk on Craigslist ($25!) so Darby can have our current one.... It's what she asked for her birthday in May.

Got a call at four from missionaries asking if they could eat with us cause they didn't have dinner plans. I'm glad they can feel like they can do that.

Had to hurry up and clean the house. Baylie vacuumed.

Baylie and Darby had their first very much anticipated first gymnastics lesson as a gift from nana and grandpa for their birthdays.

Christie helped me figure out what to make for dinner (was already having pot pies my sister has given me so we just had to make one more).

And then when I was at gymnastics Jason texted that the sister missionaries were coming too.

We pulled it off and loved having them even though my kitchen is a tornado and it was crazy. My kids loved having them especially the pretty girls. Sister kemp is the first 19 year old girl in our area to come which is cool.

Okay here is my p.s.
Just found out that one of the sister missionaries is from my good dear friend and old roommate Jana's ward. She was one of her beehives (in her 12 year old Sunday school class for translation is nonmormonese). Small world and I love it.

I didn't know sisters were coming til like ten minutes before but anytime you have sisters its a major bonus. Especially one that looked like Darby and one that looked like Baylie so they can see how cool it will be.

And as far as logistics, this feat was only pulled off cause of my handy dandy 16 year old fake daughter who I handed a cake mix to and said make it please. And like cut up all the lettuce and Christie it veggies and her and Luke made additional pot pie with my supervision (I use pioneer woman's recipe) . I made the Cesar dressing from Beth and used stale bread from my neighbor Jim for homemade crotons. Canned fruit provided by the church.

While there have been times I haven't been able to feed the missionaries (like years ) this is another perk for extra hands at home ( Jason set the table while we were gone). I grew up an Evans where my mother taught me if you feed the missionaries than people will feed your children when they are missionaries too.

And they give a message before they leave and nothing cuter than them bearing their testimonies and seeing their desire and sacrifice to give up years of their life on their own dime to serve The Lord.


Nancy Jo said...

You are the bomb to have all the missionaries over! The girls are darling! They bring such a sweet spirit with them. Glad the girls started gymnastics! They look great in their outfits!!

Alvhild Evans said...

Wow!13 people! I feel overwelmed when two people come over. i don't think i could have pulled they off!! you are my hero!!

Phillips Family said...

Yeah you're WAY nice...I would not have done that last minute. Three extras MAYBE but five extra grown adults? Yikes. Glad there are people like you who can pull that off. I'm sure the blessing will pour down on ya! And yay for gymnastics!! Where they goin?

Amber said...

Wow Brooke, you are amazing! Yes.....definite blessings are in store. And very much deserved. And how cool to have a 19 year old sister missionary. That's so exciting.

Beth said...

Ditto to everyone. You amaze me. That is all. :)

Mindy said...

Girl, you rock!