Monday, March 18, 2013

We like to party

Luke got a bike! He loves it! It has speeds!

He requested apple pie and vanilla ice cream. Feels like the birthday festivities lasted all week!

Jason spoke in church on Sunday on the Atonement. Christie sat with me while he was speaking. Oh man feel for all you women without your husbands on Sunday, it was a workout

church was funny too cause paisley got smacked by a kid in her class and ivy bit someone.  awesome. 

Roadshow practice is happening...big show is this Saturday and its gonna be great. Ours is gonna be awesome and us so neat how many people are involved. I really like my ward.


brandon said...

nice bike

Beth said...

i'm so glad you got a pic of the road show. i'm gonna try to take some tonight.

Lindsey said...

So glad you like your ward. Luke looks OLD on that bike. So nice! That apple pie looks delicious! Love the streamers on the door. So fun!

English Garden said...

Nice bike:)