Monday, March 18, 2013

Funny Stuff

just have to write this down before i forget.

lately i have been trying to enjoy my kids more and i love it.  there are so few moments home after school it seems and lots have to fit in.  we just have the once a week football and every other week piano (who has been teaching for free for a while now, can we all just bless that woman!!!!! seriously she is a saint) and then once a week cubscouts now turned roadshow practice.   then there is homework, piano practice, dinner, baths, reading, playing outside...and the day is done.

so i remember my very smart sister in law Cori (mom of five as well) saying how she would stay up and talk with her kids years ago.  and at the time mine were too little but now I get it.  if they want to talk, let them talk.  my parents were so good about listening to my endless babble and still today, seriously my poor mom and her gabbing daughter.

the point is.  here is what baylie said tonite after she asked me if we could chat (meaning i lay in her bed with her after prayers, songs have been sung, teeth brushed, etc).

"I like chatting.  I think because I like talking.  Do you think Jesus likes chatting?" (must have had Jesus on the brain from family home evening)

and then she told me an in depth story about the leprechauns and how they trapped one in her class but it was sleeping and she got to carry it outside before it woke up.  ????? and then how it messed up the classroom and over turned chairs and drew on the board and pulled out bins.  That Baylie girl sure is animated.  And I was thinking I want to high five that kindergarten teacher for being so awesome and accommodating to leprechauns. Good thing she is getting two more of my daughters one day.  I hope.

and darby was reading a teeny tiny book, like 1 x 1 inch that she was borrowing from Leah.  And I found out she has been asking Jason to home school lately ????  i'm telling ya, the stuff you find out during night time chats is priceless.

Luke normally will chat with me but if he has a book forget about it.

Paisley has been throwing my game for music leader cause right when I need to start she starts jumping all over me and silly me should just expect it and plan on it, but instead I get all distracted and flabbergasted.  still got to work on what to do.  i know she is just excited.  but after church yesterday I kneeled down and looked her in the eye and said, "Paisley, why do you jump all over me at church?  I need you to sit in your chair so mom can do the music for Primary." 

and she said, "Mom, I just love you soo much."

which was not what I was expecting.  and so nice to hear.  cause lately the others (cough, Baylie, cough) have just been telling me I'm mean.  and so Paisley, I will try to remember that and you can jump all you want, mom will just have to get a better strategy. 


Nancy Jo said...

That is really neat that you will talk at night with your kids. Hopefully they will keep it up when they are older. Priceless things said. Love that Paisley girl! All your kids are great! You are doing an awesome job!!

Heather said...

I wonder if you let her help you with something at the beginning, if she would then sit when it was someone else's turn. I've been Primary secretary for 3 or 4 years, and I've seen several Moms do sharing time and/or singing time with a 3 year old on their hip. It's hard because they are new to Primary and don't understand that Mom's tring to teach the other kids. Plus, they are right there on the front row. Good Luck!

brandon said...

we miss paisley

Phillips Family said...

Yep my motto is u can never hug, kiss or talk to your kids too much. I will never turn them down for any of those. Great post Brooke.

Tanya said...

so sweet. I love it! I'm telling you, home schooling is kinda fun! maybe you could just do Darby! We miss our friends the McCoys! hoep all is well with you :D