Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Roadshow or bust

Ah I loved the roadshow.

Translation:  Roadshows are skits done by each congregation in our area, with music usually following a theme.  They are funny and silly, but tied with meaning.  They are lots of work and take some creative genius.  Like changing the words to famous songs and dressing up crazy.  One skit had 20 'old ladies' singing RESPECT...it was awesome.  They are bonding and fun and totally worth it.  There were 7 roadshow skits and each so different and fun to watch (a few were spectacular, ours included)

We were all assigned a parable of Christ.  Our ward was assigned The Feast...and I was like huh?  I've read the parables a bunch but somehow I missed that one but its essentially about a man who prepares a magnificent feast for important people and they don't come and have excuses.  so then he invites the servants and even goes out to the street to have people come. 

They read the parables between each skit and it was so neat to see the depictions, I loved the Prodigal Son one (changed to Prodigal Daughter for it) and Good Samaritan one.  and the pirate one but I can't remember what parable that was for at the moment. 

So ours was a American Idol/X Factor/Voice spinoff where the fancy Hollywood people decide not to do it so they have just start grabbing contestants anywhere. 

Luke and Baylie played paparazzi and Darby was the little sister of the main girl...with her one glorious line that she was so excited to say "What a dork!" I loved how many people were in it, young and old. 

The kids did awesome and loved singing and dancing on stage.  They weren't nervous at all and I loved how much we got to interact and be reminded what great people we have in our area.  My kids loved watching everyones and hope they learned a few things too.   If anything that its cool to be up on stage putting yourself out there. 

Jason went to Vegas for a few days to watch March Madness with his brothers so I didn't get as many pictures as I would have liked at the rehearsals.  Erin and her kids came on Saturday and got to see the show which was so awesome of them.  

Baylie Baylie Baylie.  She was the most particular about her hair, outfit, everything.
She is a diva already.  But the girl did gooood.  

Darby with her stage makeup on.  She did great and was such a ham. 

I love this picture of the young boys with some of the teenage boys.  This is why we live in this corner of Los Angeles.  Cause of this right here.  Such neat families and friends and examples.  Will be so good for Luke to see all these good big boys go on missions.

 Tina and Beth this is so you can steal it off my blog since I'm so bad about emailing. 

Christie and Megan!  Did great jobs!  Megan was the lead and did amazing!
Thanks to Beth and Adam for directing.  They did awesome and what a big job to tackle.


Nancy Jo said...

Thanks for posting pictures - love the stage make up! Baylie's picture is real pretty! Looks like lots of fun!!

Beth said...

I might have to just steal your entire post because w/ all the busy-ness of directing and Tyler getting sick, I didn't document it as well as I would've liked. I even brought my camera twice and got too busy to take pics. I LOVE that pic of the big boys with the young boys. I agree... I love the kids in this area, primary and youth. So many, and such great examples. I loved getting to know the youth better doing this roadshow. Woo hoo!! Now I just need a video so I can watch everybody's. !!!

Beth said...

PS - The McCoy kids are such little actors! Great jobs.