Friday, March 29, 2013

Good friday

What does a woman do whose husband has no job, a mother of five who has no clue what the future holds or any answers but it just trying to keep the faith and put one foot in front of the other?

Well that woman gets her butt to the temple. Even if she is by herself. Even if she is worried she might fall asleep driving down cause of exhaustion. Best time I could have spent. Love that place.

It literally is like a refuge of peace from the world. Just looking across the street at the muck of the city with the great contrast of the beautiful lawn and flowers.

I need the temple in my life. I know the Savior has a plan for me and my family even if it means just sitting tight and learning some patience.

Can u spot the temple in the last picture?


Nancy Jo said...

Great post. I love the temple too. Wish we had one closer.

Amber said...

That's awesome. How fun that you got to go today! Even if it was by yourself. Sometimes that's the best place to be all alone.

Beth said...

I agree w/ Amber. We should go together sometime, too.

Phillips Family said...

Bright idea! Love that temple of ours! Great pic of you btw. you shld have totally rocked the "duck face"! Ha!