Friday, March 29, 2013

Garden is in

Well 90 percent of it. The garden makes me so so happy.

Which reminds me of this awesome mantra of Lindsey's 80 year old very stylish Gammy. "Happiness is a do it yourself job" very wise that Gammy.

Holy crap had the biggest paparazzi party evah! At Lindsey's house. Actually like double my usual and totally with the two hour drive in bad traffic. I love all the melon and mint and turquoise stuff, its darling.

But back to the garden. Kept it simple. Tried something new instead of compost. Organic fertilizer. Price about same but less shoveling.

Spencer the awesome rota tilled it. We are big spencer fans.

So far I just have four tomato plants, basil and cucumbers... But specifically my fav kind Persian and lemon cucumbers. And I'm gonna pick up a jalapeƱo and spaghetti squash still.

The kid planted all of it, I just told them where I wanted everything. Pretty awesome and handy those workers she says with an evil laugh.

Luke got his bear in cubscouts.

Spring is here and we love it.


Amber said...

Well, I better get my booty in gear and plant a few things myself then.

Amber said...

Love the quote btw. Like....really love it!

Beth said...

Again I agree w/ Amber :). I should've come over and helped you plant so I can learn. I love your garden, too.

Mindy said...

I love everything in and about this post!

brandon said...

memories I totally remember mom pinning on a badge seemed like more of a big deal to a kid then parent

Lindsey said...

Love that picture of you with Luke! Way to go with your garden!! Loved the party and loved seeing you! xo

English Garden said...

Inspires me to get a garden going, oh, and I miss going to the temple with you.