Monday, March 18, 2013

I was right

Birthdays are awesome.

And here are my hot tips for a good birthday.

Plan. You plan. Don't wait for anyone else to do it. Decide what what you want to do and do it.

Good food. It's all about the food really. I had saved a chilis gift card for a while cause I knew I wanted someone else to cook. Delicious and fun for whole family.

I like my birthdays best when my whole family has fun not just me leaving the whole day. I've tried both and you only get one day to pull the 'its my birthday so will you..... Card' so you better use it. I want them to love moms birthday too. If u are gonna celebrate alone or with friends, pick a different day.

Tell people . Run into Costco or gas station, tell them its your birthday. I went to the kids school breakfast and told the moms there. I hate when I've talked to someone on their birthday and they didn't tell me. I feel dumb and they might feel bad I didn't remember.

Jason has been home for five and half months but has never stepped away from the computer and just hung out with us in the morning. So that what I wanted.

I would have loved to exercise cause y makes me happy but ya can't do everything. Instead I talked on the phone to my sister and a friend and went to the mall. And yes I told the sephora girl it was my birthday too .

A clean house. Can't have fun in a mess. And that was Jason's present I me, vacuuming and picking up. Helped. I tool a nap and laid on bed reading a good book during the girls nap.

Perfect day . Thanks to all who made it more special. I'm very grateful for all the awesome people in my life.

So if your birthday is coming up, you better tell me and maybe ill rig ya some orange rolls .

Oh yes and I made all kids take pictures with me since some of usually very unwilling... Taking advantage of the bday card


Nancy Jo said...

Love how you had a great time on your birthday and played the birthday card! Great pictures with all the kids!They are all so cute!! Love you all!!

brandon said...

happy late bday

embot said...

holy crap! you. are. cute!!!

Beth said...
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Beth said...

I love this post. I agree. My last birthday I took Audrey out for a girls day, and even bought her (and T) a gift. Mostly because I was happy and wanted THEM to have a great day on my birthday, and it's my birthday so if I wanna buy my kids a toy I'm gonna. Hahhaha. But I distinctly remember thinking "I want my family to enjoy my birthday as much as I do". Also recently I hung out with someone and the whole time we were hanging out she DIDN'T tell me it was her bday and I felt so bad at the end when I FINALLY found out. So I am with you --- tell everyone. We want to know! We want to celebrate you, not feel bad that we "should have known". Okay... anyway, I am so glad you had a great one, and that we get to celebrate with you one more time next week. You're one of my favorites :)